Future of Dry Cleaning

Wet cleaning; a green solution for dry cleaning


Market data of recent years have shown that consumers are increasingly tending towards environment-friendly products. This has triggered the pursuit for alternative cleaning methods in the dry cleaning sector. The carcinogenic effect of the active substance of the conventional dry cleaning technology, that is, perchloroethylene, has been discovered by American and European authorities long ago and over time, the use of this substance has been banned in several developed countries.

Advantages of Wet Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning:
  • A better environment
  • Clothes in better condition
  • Fresh smell
  • Softer fabrics
  • Brighter colors
  • Shining whites
  • More effective cleaning in sweat and protein stains
  • Better results in PVC apparel and fine texture sequin fabric
  • Minimum damage in buttons and plastic zips
  • Wet cleaning opportunity for leather and suede products, using special washing agents
  • YEffective cleaning for wool blankets, thick quilts, and pillows.

Wet Cleaning is developed under the leadership of Electrolux as an alternative to the conventional dry cleaning methods and has taken great attraction all around the world. Wet Cleaning is highly effective in the professional cleaning of all kinds of textile. Thanks to the environmental-friendly solutions of Electrolux Professional it is now possible to obtain superior results in cleaning without the need for carcinogenic chemicals.

Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning system enables you to remove stains in a more effective and efficient way than dry cleaning.

Furthermore, the solvent odor felt in dry cleaning doesn't exist here and the chemical is not harmful to health. It doesn't bear any health risk for children, elderly and pregnant women and for those allergic to chemicals. All the chemicals are plant-based. The chemical which becomes active in allergic and sensitive people with body temperature causes irritation and itching at the collar area and armpits. Besides, due to the chemical residues on the surface, the material cleaned with perchloroethylene looks blurred and unclear. colors lose their brightness.

Electrolux Lagoon® Advanced Care -Wet Cleaning System:

Woolmark has developed the first and only professional wet cleaning system that is approved as the ideal option for the care of sensitive apparel.

Lagoon® Advance Care is a system integrating cleaning, drying and finishing processes with water and special bio-soluble detergents and it allows for eco-friendly cleaning.

The tested programs and special equipment are specially designed to enable your fabric to get perfectly cleaned and dried. The innovative wet cleaning process allows for the sensitive and effective cleaning of any kind of textile. Lagoon® Advanced Care enables the cleaning of all apparel traditionally requiring dry cleaning and even more. It offers a complete package of bio-soluble detergents and water as its main washing agents.

Lagoon® Advanced Care uses environment-friendly products, protects and respects the environment with full conformance to the international standards.

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