Future of Dry Cleaning

Wet cleaning; a green solution for dry cleaning


CLEANLUX is the first Woolmark -approved Ecologic Apparel Cleaning facility developed in cooperation with ELECTROLUX. At this facility, we use the patented Lagoon® Advanced Care wet cleaning system of Electrolux. With this new generation wet cleaning system, we offer our customers a cleaning service which is %100 natural and environment-friendly.

CLEANLUX, is the experienced business partner of ELECTROLUX Lagoon® Advanced Care Wet Cleaning System with its professional team and know-how. Our company, which will give franchise in Turkey and around the world, aims to reshape the dry cleaning sector in our country in line with the world standards. If you are looking for a dry cleaning franchise you are at the right address. CLEANLUX is the future of dry cleaning, lets develop the brand in your country as a master franchise.

The use of conventional dry cleaning chemicals posing a carcinogenic risk has been banned in the USA and in several countries in Europe. These countries, which impose serious sanctions on this issue, have long been using alternative cleaning methods. The most effective of these methods is the wet cleaning system. As Cleanlux, we offer an eco-friendly apparel cleaning service to our customers, as we are concerned about the environmental and human health.

    Your apparels that are laundered by the professional machine of Electrolux, which uses special bio-soluble detergents and water as it primary washing agents, pose no carcinogenic risk for you or your beloved ones. Besides, there is no solvent-based odor or allergic reactions experienced in conventional dry cleaning.

  • No carcinogenic substance, 100% natural and environment-friendly.
  • Main washing agents are water and harmless bio-soluble detergents.
  • No solvent-based odor (perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon etc.)
  • Deep cleaning and never wear out your apparels.
  • Brighter whites and more vivid colors.
  • It doesn't harm the accessories in wedding or night dresses
  • It is the only Woolmark-approved wet cleaning system.

What is Woolmark and why is it important?

Woolmark is a world-renowned brand. It takes place in the top- 10 lists of the most recognized brands of the world. Woolmark is the greatest authority in the textile business. It is a non-profit organization which determines the quality standards for textile products.

Dry cleaning poses a carcinogenic risk both for the users and customers. Many companies around the world have developed systems alternative to dry cleaning. However; Woolmark has only approved the Lagoon® Advanced Care system of Electrolux, which was developed as a result of the laboratory studies conducted since 2000. The programs and chemicals of Lagoon have been approved at the end of the tests conducted by Woolmark.

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